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For many years HMP-Removals has specialized in the planning and execution of all steps of a private move in Hamburg Harburg (south of the river Elbe). Together with our employees we will carry out your move professionally, quickly and economically.
Our service spectrum ranges from the actual planning in a free consultation to the final assembly of the furniture or electrical appliances such as kitchen equipment and lamps.
On request, we can also put our team at your disposal for electrical, installation or carpentry work.
Depending on your wishes, you can carry out the kitchen assembly, furniture assembly and optimization of your electrical installations in your new home in Harburg.
The extent of the costs depends on the requested removal service.

Other services

We know our way around Harburg in Hamburg very well. This includes all districts and quarters of Hamburg. Due to the frequent narrow development of old buildings, parking spaces are scarce and therefore a no stopping zone is usually necessary there. An outside elevator (outside lift) is also considered when moving to higher floors.
In addition to optimal routes, we also know appropriate planning such as organize a no-stopping zone. Our service includes both the application and the signing.
Your specialist advisor and moving professional from your moving company HMP are always available for you.
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Furniture transport Harburg (Hamburg)

Move Harburg
  • Furniture transports
  • Family Removals
  • Seniors move
  • No stopping zone (HVZ)
  • Relocation assistance
  • Packing and unpacking service
From collective removals and furniture transport to partial and complete removals, we take care of your Harburg move.
Please also have a look at our evaluations and compare the scope and prices of all services offered by the moving companies. Moving in Harburg with the moving company HMP - request a free quote now!
We use our trained staff, modern equipment and our knowledge for your relocation, so that you feel at home in your new apartment or house in Harburg in Hamburg as soon as possible.
HMP - for your relocation in Germany

No stopping zone, HVZ, stopping zone, parking zone

When moving to e.g. Harburg or Hausbruch with its many multi-storey buildings, parking space or parking spaces are very scarce. In order to park the removal van conveniently for short distances, a no stopping zone (also known colloquially as HVZ, stopping zone, parking zone) is necessary.
A HVZ is appropriate for the large streets such as Buxtehuder Str., Harburger Ring and also for smaller streets.
You can obtain this from us including the official permit and the signposting (construction and dismantling of no stopping signs). Usually there is a range of 10-15 meters for one day between 8-18 o'clock.
No stopping sign hamburg

Removal company Hamburg Harburg

Choosing the right removal company

When it comes to your move in Hamburg-Harburg, it is important to find a reliable and professional removal service provider. Moving can be a stressful and time-consuming affair, but with the right help from HMP Removals, it can go smoothly and efficiently.
Hamburg-Harburg is a district in Hamburg known for its attractive residential areas and good transport links. Many people move here to enjoy the best of both worlds - the peace and nature of the surrounding area and the proximity to the vibrant metropolis of Hamburg.
When planning a move to Hamburg-Harburg, various factors should be taken into account. These include choosing the right removal company, organising the transport, packing and unpacking the furniture and complying with any official regulations.
HMP, as a professional moving company with experience in Hamburg-Harburg, can help you make your move stress-free. It offers a variety of services, including disassembly and assembly of furniture, packing of items, safe transport and disposal of packing supplies.
Another important aspect of a move in Hamburg-Harburg is proper planning and organisation. The removal company can help you create a detailed schedule that includes all the necessary steps. This allows you to plan the move in advance and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
In addition, a professional moving company in Hamburg-Harburg will also offer insurance options in case of damage or loss during the move. This gives you added peace of mind and protects your valuable possessions.
Overall, moving in Hamburg-Harburg can be an exciting but challenging experience. However, with the assistance of an experienced moving company, you can ensure that your move goes smoothly and you can quickly enjoy your new home in Hamburg-Harburg. Do not hesitate to contact your professional moving service provider for more information about services and support for your move (Umzugsservice).
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