Moving to China with the moving company HMP

International removals and furniture transport from Germany to China

HMP Removals is your company for transports to Asia

We have many years of experience with international and overseas removals. We reliably carry out full-service moves from Germany (e.g. Hamburg) to China (e.g. Beijing).With us as your moving company, you first talk to your personal advisor and together we will draw up a moving plan.
Moving material:
This includes a corresponding time lead because a move to China takes time, not only during the execution of the move.From this information you can also see what kind of moving material is needed. In concrete terms this means how many boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap etc. you will need.
Relocation assistance:
How many removal helpers are used as packing aids are other important details. Our qualified personnel are trained and are paid according to fair conditions.
Removal service:
We plan the number of removal vans or removal containers (for sea shipping) based on the goods to be moved. This consists of furniture, moving boxes, bulky goods and, if necessary, a car. In large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt, a no stopping zone (HVZ) is often required for removal vans. We apply for this at the responsible authority and put up the signs for your move.

Services of the moving company HMP

  • Removals
  • Transports
  • Storage
  • Moving helper
  • Furniture assembly
  • Packing and unpacking aid
  • No stopping zones
  • Moving boxes
  • Tissue paper
  • Bottle sleeves
  • Labels
  • Private billing
  • Employers
  • Job-Center
  • Authorities
  • Companies
  • Customs clearance

Emigration to China

Many Germans emigrate to China in order to live and work there in part or in whole. In this huge empire there are many big cities and even more companies and jobs. Use a little time beforehand to inform yourself about the country and its people.
Make sure to apply for your visa at the Chinese authorities in time. Abroad, there are customs and traditions of your own which you should always observe and respect. In the big cities, communication in English is the easiest.
Customs / Customs clearance:  
As in the other country, the Middle Kingdom has import and export regulations. With regard to your removal goods, we support you with the necessary formalities.
Moving container

Transport Germany China

Transport by land (truck transport, rail transport):
Rarely is the overland route used as a transport route from Germany to China. Due to the new Silk Road and the associated rail network, rail transports will increase in the near future. The costs will be lower than those of air freight. The duration, however, will be shorter than by sea (sea freight).
Transport by sea (sea freight):
Cheap transport is carried out by sea. The sea freight is placed in shipping containers. The duration can be between 1 and 3 months. This also depends on the route of the ship.
Transport by air (air freight):
The fastest way of transport is by air freight. However, this is also the most expensive. Your removal goods are transported in special freight containers.
Frequently, transport routes are also combined, since the start and destination, for example, are in the interior of the country and not directly at the airport or railway station in both China and Germany.
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