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Moving to the USA - what to think about?

Removal planning for an overseas move

When moving from Germany (EU) or another European country, the export regulations must be observed. The same applies to the import regulations in the USA. All goods must be declared and, if necessary, cleared through customs (customs declaration).
The same regulations apply to persons entering and leaving the country. Here, special attention must be paid to the length of validity of the passport.
Sufficient time should therefore be allowed for all documents. Incomplete documents lead to delays that cannot be planned. The moving company HMP Umzüge will be happy to advise you on this.Transportation by sea (sea freight) is considerably cheaper than by air (air freight), but takes correspondingly longer.
We will be happy to show you the costs for the transport options.
  • Import conditions US
  • Export regulations EU
  • Timely booking of sea and land routes
  • Travel documents (passport, visa, etc.)
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