Company history of HMP removals

Strength and commitment grow a healthy business


Plan and strategy of the founders

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Coming from the moving industry with a background in experience of a large forwarding agency in Hamburg, the vision of their own company arose.
Step by step, the company was brought on course.
In addition to the Confer membership, this includes setting up your own team, your own vehicle fleet and your own warehouse with office wing.
Further warehouses followed in 2020.
On the right you can see the development within the company history of the moving company HMP Umzüge with annual details.
  • 2000 Foundation of HMP GbR by Oliver Mau and Matthias Hecht
  • 2004 Moving from Norderstedt to Appen (Pinneberg district)
  • 2006 Change of name to HMP GmbH & Co KG
  • 2010 Move into your own company building in Hasenkamp 25a
  • 2013 The number of employees rises above 20 employees.
  • 2017 Takeover of the moving company Friedrich Müller from Schenefeld.
  • 2019 Through experience, knowledge building and service, turnover and the number of employees rose to over 30.
  • 2020 Takeover of the Lohse moving company from Wedel.
Trust in the commitment and dedication of the company's founders and their team.
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