Professional industrial relocation with HMP

Relocations, relocation of plants, production and machinery

Industrial relocation Hamburg

The challenge of industrial relocation

Industrial relocations (change of location) often have challenges that overwhelm many forwarding companies.
When industrial plants move, people and materials are extremely demanding. This requires extensive services (reassembly / dismantling, assembly / installation and commissioning of the machines and production equipment).

Management and logistics

When transporting heavy equipment, important permits must be obtained, so that the heavy transport easily reaches its destination.
In addition, industrial relocations require careful planning and literal implementation of each item.

Why you should carry out an industrial relocation with HMP?

industrial relocation
  • Experience with industrial relocations
  • Transparency of prices and offers
  • Motivated team
  • Professional business relocation
  • Industrial assembly and relocation of production equipment
If you have any questions about an industrial relocation in Hamburg or in Germany (e.g. relocation of production facilities), please contact us. Of course, we also reliably carry out staff relocations. Removal management is in good hands with us. We're here to help!
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