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Ideal space for transports with changing vehicles

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When do exchangeable cases be used?

A swap body offers the perfect combination of flexibility and speed when it comes to transporting multiple vehicles or modes of transport.
In intermodal transport, higher capacity utilization can be achieved with a swap body system, thus sustainably increasing quality.
This applies to dry freight as well as for refrigerated and fresh transport.
Therefore, change systems are useful and advisable for many transports.

Exchange case on long haul

The smooth sidewalls allow swap bodies to cut fuel costs on high average speed lines.
These are additional savings that you can put into other projects.
Thanks to the well-thought-out modular principle, the monitoring of freight by means of telemetry and the rapid reloading, exchangeable cases can be used in almost all areas of goods traffic.
Especially for companies that have to secure their transports against theft, swap bodies are uncomplicated and very popular.

Advantages of exchangeable cases

  • Particularly suitable for refrigerated transport, dry transport
  • All transports are secured against theft
  • High flexibility during reloading
  • Fast availability
  • Low repair costs for damages Low maintenance costs
  • Exchangeable case, fast and uncomplicated
  • affordable swap cases, reliable and quick to use
  • also suitable as short mobile storage
  • reliable, flexible and cheap
If you have any questions about our exchangeable suitcases then please contact us. We are happy to help and to provide you with an individual offer for the use of exchangeable cases in the vicinity, Europe and worldwide.

HMP Removals - your expert for smooth removals!

Discover the advantages of our swap body solutions for your move. Our removal company uses state-of-the-art technology and innovative concepts to make your move as efficient and stress-free as possible. With our swap cases, we offer you a flexible and safe transport solution for all your household goods.
What are swap bodies and why should you choose this option?
Swap bodies are special containers that are mounted on truck chassis and allow for easy and quick exchange. Our removal professionals use these containers to safely move your household goods from A to B. Swap cases provide an enclosed and weatherproof environment where your furniture and possessions are protected from damage and the elements.
The advantages of our swap case solutions:
  1. Flexibility: Thanks to the swap body system, we can transport multiple loads quickly and easily. This saves us time and money, and you benefit from an efficient moving service.
  2. Security: Our swap bodies are robust and secure. They offer reliable protection for your belongings during transport. We attach great importance to ensuring that your furniture and personal belongings arrive at their destination undamaged.
  3. Weatherproof: Regardless of the weather conditions, your belongings remain protected in the swap case. Rain, snow or extreme temperatures will not harm your household goods.
  4. Easy access: HMP Removals' swap bodies are equipped with special loading flaps that allow convenient access. This allows us to efficiently load and unload your furniture and belongings.
  5. Environmental friendliness: By using swap bodies, we reduce CO2 emissions as we have to make fewer journeys. Our removal company strives to be environmentally conscious and offer sustainable solutions.
Rely on the expertise of HMP Removals and experience a smooth and stress-free move with our swap bodies. Our professional team is on hand to ensure your move is a complete success. Contact us today for more information on our swap case solutions and to arrange your moving appointment.
HMP Removals - your partner for a safe and efficient move!
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