Moving during the Corona Pandemic

Moving under corona conditions - effects and measures

Move and Corona

Moving during Corona?

Moving or relocating during Corona (All data as of 11 January 2021).
Due to the second Corona wave and the associated decrees, there will be some restrictions. Anyone who wants to move will therefore have to answer a few questions. These are answered below.
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Is moving allowed despite Corona? Is there a ban on moving?
There is no ban on moving. However, the current conditions of the authorities during the Corona pandemic must be observed. The regulations may be slightly different in counties and federal states.
Does this also apply to a move abroad (international move)?
When moving abroad, the regulations of the other country must be observed in addition to the national (German) regulations. In addition, there may be delays at the borders, e.g. due to border controls.
Are removal companies and removal firms still allowed to work?
Yes, removal companies are still allowed to carry out removals, provided they comply with the regulations. As a modern forwarding company, we observe all instructions and regulations. Our staff is trained for this situation and observes the hygiene regulations (masks, disinfection). For this purpose, we distribute the personnel over several vehicles if possible. In addition, we have internally appointed an infection control assistant and made further internal regulations (e.g. for contact avoidance).
Are flat inspections possible?
In principle, visits to flats are possible, provided that the regulations are observed. Here, too, hygiene regulations must be observed and only a person from outside the household is allowed. We at HMP therefore offer several digital options to assist you (virtual viewing, move calculator, online move offer).
What regulations apply when moving house? What to look out for?
In Germany, the following rules have applied since 11.1.2021.
What can people who are moving do?
First of all, naturally comply with hygiene regulations (ventilation, masks, disinfection of surfaces). First, of course, clarify whether there may be a quarantine for the persons moving. In this case, please inform us immediately.
What happens if there is a quarantine? When should a move be postponed?
In the event of a quarantine being present, please inform us in advance. In this case, we will discuss possible solutions with you.Do I need a parking space with a no-stopping zone (HVZ) for the removal van?Due to home office and exit restrictions (regulations), there are currently significantly fewer parking spaces available in residential areas. Therefore, no-stopping zones (HVZ) are strongly recommended for moving day.
Are private individuals allowed to help with the move?According to the current regulations, a maximum of one person from outside the household is allowed to help with the move. For this reason, too, it is advisable to rely on a proven removal company. As of 11.01.2021, theoretically only one non-household removal helper is allowed. This also applies to family members who do not live or are notwho do not live in the household or are not registered there.
Does a booking of a removal van remain?In principle, bookings of a removal, a removal van and a no-stopping zone remain valid. If there is a problem with the moving date due to Corona, please contact us.
Is it possible to cancel a move due to Corona?If the move has to be postponed due to Corona and its accompanying symptoms, we will discuss alternatives with you and quickly find another way.Give us a call! Together we will simply find a solution.

We care about your health and ours!

Moving during Corona
Due to the pandemic and to protect health, we offer contactless and reduced-contact solutions for our customers. This includes, in addition to our new relocation calculator, our forms and the
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Your moving company is thinking along during the Corona Pandemic.
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