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Suitable moving material from the picture corner to the moving box

Umzugskartons Hamburg

Moving material from the professional

All moving materials for your planned move can also be obtained directly from us.
Here we can offer from simple moving boxes to special boxes for pictures, clothes or other things.
Either you pick up the cardboard boxes ordered directly from us or we deliver the items conveniently to your home.
Simply order in our online shop or by phone at our shop hotline.
The HMP removals shop offers many useful products around the move. Gain insight into the variety of tools to make your upcoming move easier.

Our removal package

From our experience, we have put together some moving packages for you.
Of course, you can also put together your own.
Call us or look at our relocation shop.
If you are planning to move abroad or even overseas, then you can also order overseas boxes in our relocation shop, which will protect your removals during the crossing. Special cartons for fragile goods and various stickers for the separate marking of certain removals can also be found in our assortment.

Protect your removals with suitable packaging


Moving supplies - our products

  • Packing boxes
  • Special boxes for pictures, clothes etc.
  • Transport belt / carrying strap
  • Moving blankets
  • Tissue paper and wrapping paper
  • Duct tape
  • Sticker and signing material
  • Overseas crates
  • Special boxes
  • Bubble wrap
Well packed is half worn. Make transport easier with professional packaging.
Talk to us on cardboard boxes, tissue paper, tape and the like. and we are happy to help!

Everything you need for a worry-free move

Moving material to cover the moving needs of HMP Umzüge

Moving can be an exciting time, but also a very stressful one. One of the main priorities in any move is to transport your belongings safely from one place to another. HMP Umzüge from Hamburg is not only your competent partner for removals, but also offers you high-quality moving supplies that ensure that your belongings are optimally protected.
Wide range of moving materials:
  1. Moving boxes: Sturdy and available in different sizes, they efficiently protect your belongings from damage.
  2. Tape: Strong and reliable to seal boxes securely and protect contents.
  3. Cushioning material: Prevents scratches, dents or breaks on delicate items.
  4. Furniture packing blankets: Provide additional protection for your furniture and prevent damage during transportation.
  5. Bubble wrap: Ideal for wrapping fragile items to protect them from shock and vibration.
  6. Labels: Allow efficient organization and labeling of your moving boxes.
  7. Carrying straps: Facilitate lifting and carrying heavy objects.
  8. Furniture casters: Practical for moving large pieces of furniture easily and safely.
  9. Mattress covers: Protect your mattresses from dirt, dust and damage.
  10. Hand truck: Facilitates the transport of heavy boxes and saves time and energy.

Advantages of the right moving needs

Moving requires not only physical labor, but also careful planning and organization. With the above moving materials from HMP Removals, you can ensure that every aspect of your move goes smoothly.
Safety and security: High-quality moving materials protect your valuables from damage, loss or contamination. From sturdy moving boxes to protective packaging, each material is designed to provide maximum security.
Efficiency: With the right moving materials, you can organize your move efficiently. Labels help you find your items quickly, while special packing materials save time when packing and unpacking.
Convenience: Carrying aids such as risers and hand trucks make it easier to transport your items and minimize the risk of injury.
Sustainability: Many moving materials from HMP Removals are reusable, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-efficient.
Availability: All the necessary moving materials are readily available at HMP Removals, so you don't have to go to different vendors.
Trust in the expertise of HMP Umzüge, your reliable moving partner in Hamburg. In addition to a first-class moving service, the company also ensures that you are provided with the best moving supplies. This way, you can be sure that your move will not only go smoothly, but also safely and efficiently. Visit the website and discover the comprehensive range of moving services and supplies that will make your move as easy as possible. Your satisfaction is the number one priority at HMP Removals.
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