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HMP: removals internationally

A foreign move presents most forwarding companies with very special challenges, as they may need to comply with import regulations, customs formalities and other important issues.
For many years, HMP GmbH has been realizing overseas removals of any size for private individuals and companies or their employees.
In doing so, we use our relocation checklist to determine the necessary requirements and use this information to create a perfectly matched offer for the international move.
Since an international move by air freight, sea freight or by truck can be done, it depends heavily on the existing time frame and the respective destination, if you choose the mode of transport.
We support you with our modern fleet and with a worldwide partner network. If you have any further questions about our services, please contact us, e.g. via the website (forms), by e-mail or by telephone.
We are a member of Confern and therefore have reliable partners for all tasks relating to international logistics.
International removals including formalities - Moving company HMP

Foreign removal services

In addition to the actual move, we can offer our customers numerous additional services.
These include assembly, electrical and carpentry work for all tasks at the start and destination.
Upon request, we will provide you with the complete packaging material and organize a keeper prohibition zone (HVZ) at the start and destination.
In addition, we have variable design storage options for the storage of furniture.
International removals are part of our daily business and therefore you can trust us. We have reliable partners in many countries!Transports possible by air freight as well as sea freight.
No matter where you are moving to, we will move with you! If you have any questions about moving abroad, please contact us! We will be happy to help you and give you tips on good planning.

How much does a move abroad cost?

internationaler Umzug
What are the costs of overseas removals?
The costs for a move from Germany to a foreign country (international transport) depend on the volume of the removal goods (measured in cubic metres), the distance between the move-in location and the move-out location (or the means of transport, e.g. lorry or, in the case of shipping, the overseas container), the additional services selected (e.g. packing service) and the customs formalities (especially for a move to a country that is not in the EU, such as an overseas move to the USA).
Of course, you also receive on request moving material. Let us advise you on the type (boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap etc.) and quantity.
As soon as we know the requirements for your move, we will be happy to submit a quotation for the services and costs immediately.
For international moves overseas (e.g. USA, Argentina or Australia), special questions often arise.
What are the costs?
Is the means of transport a truck or a container?
What are the costs including customs clearance for the removal goods?
How long does an overseas move take?
Transport by air freight or sea freight?
Not all removal companies offer international removals. Find out from our consultant what makes us stand out as an international removal company.
Talk to our consultant about planning and many tips. As a removal company, we see ourselves as a partner at your side.
We ship and transport your removal goods safely and reliably.

Tips for relocating internationally - Moving overseas

What might make planning easier for youFrequently asked questions, answers and tips
  • Obtain information about the destination country
    - Where do I have to register?
    - Where can I get help with communication difficulties?
    - What are the contact details of the German representation abroad?
  • Einfuhrbestimmungen für den internationalen Umzug anfordern
    - Was darf eingeführt werden und was nicht?
    - Was unterliegt Zollbestimmungen?
    - Wieviel Bargeld darf bei der Einreise mitgenommen werden?
  • Questions about the means of storage and transport+
    - What is not allowed to be transported in a container?
    - What is the volume of different containers?
    - Are containers heated or cooled?
  • We answer many questions and answers about international removals and transports on our website. For further questions, please contact our consultants.
  • Move management from the professionals. We ensure a smooth international move.

Non-contact removal survey during Corona

  • 100% contactless - therefore secure
  • worldwide applicable
  • low time requirement
  • No on-site inspection necessary either in Germany or in the destination country (e.g. USA)
  • Numerous additional options (moving boxes, holding zone)
  • Quick individual offer for international relocation
50,- Euro discount! HMP-Umzuege-50-Euro-Rabatt
50,- Euro discount!

Secure a 50,- Euro discount on your online viewing appointment for a living space size of 80 sqm2 or more for an internal move.
In just three steps:
1. make an appointment
2. contactless relocation inspection via smartphone
3. Receive a free individual offer.
Make an appointment now!

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