Moving insurance for your moving goods

The insurance in case of cases


Insurance for the move

Moving insurance can make sense if you want to be on the safe side, if expensive furniture or equipment is damaged during the move. Anyone who has moved several times with the same furniture, should also think about a removal insurance, as with each previous move minor damage during dismantling or construction may have occurred.

Which insurance?

If you carry out your move with private helpers on your own and damage occurs, then you can hardly be held responsible for your relocation helper. Your private liability also only helps in certain cases if you do not have an explicit passage in your contract. We can, if you wish, through our partner of the Insurance offer a corresponding removal insurance. Contact us. We're here to help!

Advantages of a removal insurance

  • Liability up to a certain upper limit for damages of any kind
  • Fast and uncomplicated handling
  • Security for your moving goods
  • Removal insurance covers possible damages
Good moves are insured!
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