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    Working in a modern removal company

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Working at HMP

The workforce is growing steadily. As an employer, we see it as our duty to ensure an appropriate working atmosphere.
In addition to fair remuneration, this includes a sustainable management culture, further education offers and much more in the moving company HMP.
The headquarters of the moving company is in Appen (Pinneberg) near Hamburg.

Why work for HMP Removals?

Working at HMP Removals is also fun. The tasks are implemented in different teams.During the removals, you get to know the country and its people.Fair payment is a matter of course.Of course, there are many more reasons to work at HMP.

Trust in our employees is a cornerstone of our success

Umzug mit Vertrauen in HMP
A job at HMP is more than just a job in a freight forwarding company.
In addition to fair pay, we value a good working atmosphere and the personal development of our employees.
Of course, occupational safety and health of our employees are a cornerstone of our company philosophy.
In addition, there are opportunities for team development and personal development (further training).  Please discuss details with the personnel department.
Teamwork - with pleasure in performing together. HMP is known nationwide as a reliable employer.
We are currently looking for the following areas / jobs:
- Furniture carrier
- removal men, moving helper
- Truck driver
Working in the modern removal company HMP Removals

Furniture carrier - Job at HMP:

A furniture carrier is mainly specialized in carrying and transporting furniture. pieces of furniture. The tasks of a furniture carrier include:
  1. Heavy lifting and carrying: Furniture carriers are specially trained to lift and carry heavy and bulky pieces of furniture safely. They use techniques and aids such as carrying straps to make lifting easier and prevent injuries.
  2. Loading and unloading: Furniture carriers are responsible for the proper loading and unloading of removal vehicles. They ensure that the furniture is safely stowed and transported.
  3. Furniture protection: When carrying and transporting furniture, furniture carriers ensure that the furniture is not damaged. They use padding and other protective materials for this purpose.
  4. Installation at the destination: Furniture carriers place the furniture at the destination according to the customer's instructions.

Removal helper job at HMP:

  1. Packing and unpacking: Removal assistants help with packing household items into boxes and unpacking them safely at their destination. They ensure that sensitive items are well protected.
  2. Assembly and disassembly: Moving helpers are often able to disassemble furniture and reassemble it at the new location. This also includes dismantling and installing electrical appliances.
  3. Transporting boxes and small items of furniture: In addition to large items of furniture, removal men also transport boxes, small items of furniture and other household items.
  4. Logistics and organization: Moving helpers can help with the planning and organization of the move by coordinating the process and ensuring that everything goes according to plan.
  5. Cleaning work: In some cases, removal helpers also take on light cleaning work, such as cleaning the old apartment after moving out.
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