Furniture storage in Hamburg with HMP

Storage for your furniture - safe, dry and reliable.

Furniture storage with HMP

Duration of storage

At HMP you can store your furniture in the short, medium and long term.
We offer storage space in Hamburg and the surrounding area.
Short-term storage is e.g. the case if you already had to move out of your apartment but the new one is only ready for occupancy in a few days or weeks.
In the case of a medium-term storage of your furniture or surplus pieces of furniture, for example, you have a stay abroad of several months and have vacated your accommodation during this time.
In the case of long-term storage, there is still a specific target date for when you want to dispose of your furniture or your moving goods again.
We have a suitable offer for all three options. Contact us.

Type of storage

With us you can store individual items but also entire moving boxes made of wood or our special moving containers for self-storage. Large container storage is also possible.
When storing furniture, make sure that the cardboard is properly packaged. You can also get suitable packing material from us. Of course we also offer a packing service (pack, unpack).
Our warehouses are air-conditioned and monitored by security technology.

Pick-up service for storage

Furniture storage forwarding HMP
  • Storage of individual pieces
  • Packing material from the professional
  • variable storage period
  • favorable conditions
  • Storage and warehousing of furniture and inventory
  • reasonable price for furniture storage
  • create space at home
  • Heated and secured storage area
  • to rent at short notice if required
  • Selbstlagerung / Self Storage möglich
Our pick-up service relates to both individual pieces of furniture and our special containers for self-storage.
When clearing out and dismantling your flat, you can use us for both disposal and storage.
Talk to us about this.
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